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Teasers (or as I'm calling it: Who Would Ever Use that Photo?)...

Hiya, blog peeps.

Or possibly just my mother is reading this. *waves*

Since being submersed in all things authorish--here's what I've discovered. Teasers are BIG. Huge. I know more about teasers than...than...well, I know a lot about them.

(name that presidential candidate....ha!)

But these are fun little snippets of your book, highlighting a sweet, sassy, or sexy line to pull people in. You have to choose the line carefully so that people aren't left wondering who or what you're talking about.

With romance novels, usually the line is flirty and sexy and borderline NSFW (Not Safe For Work). I, however, don't have a lot of lines like that. Yes, I have some. But I'm still trying to get over the fact that people I work with are going to be reading this thing and when they see me in a meeting they'll be like, "I know what YOU wrote."


I've been digging through iStock photos. These are photos that cost you about $10-$12 per picture to download--but you've purchased the rights to use them in mass marketing of your product.

Word to the wise: Yeah. Google Image Search is not okay in this instance. You need to buy the photos, peeps.

But let me tell you. I've found some HUM DINGERS.





EXAMPLE 1: Why in the world is she wearing a veil on a stocking cap? Yes. A stocking you'd wear in the middle of winter...

EXAMPLE 2: I think I have a senior photo floating around where I'm sitting in that exact circle cut out thing....I mean...why?

EXAMPLE 3: Playboy bunny, maybe? I don't even want to know...

EXAMPLE 4: Because everyone has a Christmas tree right smack dab in the middle of their BED. Right.

EXAMPLE 5: This CRACKED. ME. UP. I get it. She's excited for her wedding night. But come on. And I'm sorry...but she looks like she's going to short the landing on this.

EXAMPLE 6: Yeah. This has to be some weird sci-fi kind of thing. I'm not sure what to make of this to be honest (other than it's creepy as hell...)

EXAMPLE 7: This has to be my favorite. I have no clue why this guy is naked and scrutinizing a slice of watermelon. No idea.

Well. There you have it. Some of the hilarious stock photos I've found online. Thankfully I have found some awesome pictures to use for my teasers...none of which are even close to these.

How about you? Ever find some crazy stock photos that make you shake your head? If so, hit me up on Twitter. I'd love to see what you've found!

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