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Royal Icing

Originally published as part of

Let it Snow: A Holly Grove Anthology

Soon to be Queen, Princess Adelaide, has gone rogue. At least her country thinks so. In reality, Addie needs time to decide if she should follow her heart or follow her country's outdated expectations. Desperate to stay out of the public eye until she can figure out what to do, she takes a job as a pastry chef at a historic bed & breakfast in Holly Grove, Vermont. Only problem: she only knows how to bake one thing. And worse, her ex-fiancé works across the street at the local coffee house. Suddenly hiding in plain sight is the least of her worries.

As a classically trained pastry chef, Lucas Bishop has studied all over the world and is about to launch his first cookbook. Before it hits the shelves, he needs every eatery in and around Holly Grove to sign off on an exclusivity clause--agreeing not to bake any of the featured recipes for at least a year. When he realizes his ex-fiancé is not only working at the B&B across the street, but has made his signature cookie--everything he's worked for could go up in smoke.

Their close proximity is risky, but Addie devises a plan: if Lucas teachers her how to bake--while keeping her real life under wraps--she’ll make sure the B&B’s owner signs his much needed waiver. Old feelings resurface and she is forced to choose between serving her country or being a part of a life Lucas has built after their split. Ultimately they must decide where their loyalty lies--with their families or each other.


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