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The People Have Spoken

(aka People Other than my Mother have Read my Books and had Nice Things to Say)
Praise for Meet Me Under the Stars

"Second chance at…everything. This book …sigh, it was full of the feels, angst, tension….lust. Lots and lots of lust filled tension- yum. But the emotion, the stress, the secrets made it so- real."  Becky, Naughty Book Blog

"This one is for you readers who enjoy angsty new adult romance. With much of the setting being at a summer camp, it fits right in with those of you who might be looking for a last minute summer vacation read."  Sascha Darlington's Microcosm Explored

"This was my first read by author KD Proctor and it was such a fun read.  The author had me laughing, she had me wiping away tears and she had me swooning with the sweet love moments.  She wrote a story with characters who were realistic and the reader can’t help but fall in love with the whole gang."  All Things Bookaholic 

"This is a great second-chance romance (and it’s a quick read too). I always find it intriguing to see two people that have to interact and who still love each other."  Lord of the Books

"Just be prepared with a biz of tissues in hand, you'll need them. But WOW this is an amazing story! I loved every second of reading it. This emotionally charged story is very well written, I laughed and cried clear through the end while rooting for a HEA ending."  Mommmaleena's Blog

"There just too many things to love about this book. Nate and Charlie are amazing characters and their love for each other is deep and pure, tainted by the lack of communication and the misguided, but still selfless actions that bring on their breakup. The trip to memory lane during the week before the reunion, the friendships they still have and the way they deal with the pain of loss and support each other.  In a nutshell, MMUTS is a gem that will pull on the strings of your heart. I think this was an amazing debut for Ms. Proctor and hope it’s only the beginning of a fruitful writing career."  Shelly's Book Corner

"You know a book is phenomenal when it leaves an imprint in your heart. The same kind of phenomenal feeling when you are experiencing your first kiss, or in this case, the intense chemistry between Nate and Charlie. They are beyond explosive."  Natasha Anne, Dreamland Teen Fantasy

"A sound second chance romance that read easily and flowed really well."  Books Laid Bare

"When I think of BookFish Books, I now think of the great contemporary romances that they publish. Of course they release other genres, and those are usually good as well, but the team over there has released some really great contemporary romances this year. And this is another great one to add to the list."  Anna, Adventures with a Book Nerd


"Talk about relatable topics!  First love - Check. Heartbreak - Check. Regret - Check.  KD Proctor covers the ins and outs of falling in love in her book, Meet Me Under the Stars. Charlie and Nate are two characters that put it all on the line and readers will connect with them from the very beginning."  Tracy Beth, Fresh Coffee Blog

"Wow, I really don’t know if I can say enough about this book. This book had me laughing, I was angry, I was happy, hell I was even in tears over several parts in this book. This book just had it all and I am so, so happy that I picked this book up. This was a second chance romance but it was about so much more than that. This book was so beautiful that you can’t help but to fall in love with it."  Wicked Babes Blog

"A great second chance romance!" Sweet & Spicy Reads

"I cannot say enough how much I loved this book. I could not put it down because I had to see what was going to happen next. K.D. Proctor gave me the feels reading this book and I loved every single second of it. This is a definite recommend from me!" Cassie from the Nerdy, Dirty & Flirty Book Blog 

"Meet Me Under the Stars was a really sweet read that I could totally see becoming a movie. It was funny, exciting, hot, and gave off a vibe that I couldn’t get enough of. The writing style allowed me to flow right along with the story as Charlie and Nate fought to one-up the other, while struggling to remember the reasons why they kept away from each other."  Kole Writes 

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