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11 Sleeps, but Who's Counting?


I’m counting.

ELEVEN SLEEPS until my book is out in the world. Currently it’s like riding a roller coaster. That excitement as you crest the first hill, but then the first death-defying drop makes your stomach bottom out and you feel like you’ll either, puke, pass out or die.

And if you scroll to the bottom of this post, you'll see links for a FREE Sample to my book! AHHH!!!!

Anyway, this week I’ve been at home taking care of the Big Guy (side note: that’s an old nickname from my blogging days for my husband. Back then he was 100+ pounds heavier than he is now) (I'm keeping his identity private, but the difference is staggering! So proud of him!) (And for the record he chose the name, not me). He had hip surgery and I’ve been doing double duty with his care and my own book launch stuff because....

I was searching for a line in my book to make a teaser and ran across a scene that I thought would be fun for a little back story--or as I’m calling it: an Easter egg for my camp friends to find. If you want to know more about the Easter egg’s, you can read my first (*cough* and only, sadly *cough*) here…

Here’s the line from the book from Charlie's point of view. She has an incredible fear of heights and looking up at that wall is enough to make her want to puke (no worries...not a spoiler)...


When the climbing wall becomes visible in the distance, I break out in a cold sweat. Why did Kip have to build the damn thing to be the tallest in Colorado?


When I worked at Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert as a seasonal staff member, we didn’t have a climbing wall. The high ropes course (which is just as amazing) was as high as you were going to get. But when I came back in 2002 to work full time, we now had a climbing wall.

This thing is AWESOME.

Not only is it double sided, but the smallest kids can belay because of these cement posts that belay runners are hooked into for their own safety. I've climbed this wall and it was fun to have a camper run your belay line--supervised by the staff, of course.

Anyway. When the wall was being built, one of the camp directors did his research to find the tallest climbing wall (at the time) in Minnesota. So when our wall was being designed, he made sure it went beyond that.

Here’s the funny part.

Camp directors are constantly raising the stakes on one another. Rumor had it that another camp in Minnesota rebuilt their wall and made it taller than the one Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert built.

Want to read a sample of my book? You can get the first few chapters FREE on Smashwords (if you use a Kindle, choose the MOBI format), as well as Barnes & Noble (for nook readers) and iTunes (for iBooks--to read on your iPhone or iPad).

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