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Teaser Tuesday--It's Okay if you Don't Like my Book

First off, in true Teaser Tuesday is this week's teaser.

I love teasers like this where the author takes a few sentences from the book and matches them up with fun photos. In this scene, Nate and Charlie are having some make up sexy times (which isn't as "make up" as it seems when Nate puts his heart on the line--again--and Charlie freaks out--again.).

Now that my book is finishing up the final edits, the reality is setting in that people know...actually going to read this thing?


And the authors who said they'd read and blurb my book for me are also currently reading it.

*double gulp*

This anxiety is attached to the idea that my friends and family are all so excited about my book coming out that I'm in a weird predicament and experiencing something I never thought I would...

The Guilt Factor.

I know for a fact that a number of my friends don't like romance novels. Same with my family members. And here I am, standing on that street corner peddling my book asking people to take a chance on me.

Long story short, I never want my friends, family or coworkers to feel like they have to read my book. They don't. I want them to read my book because...well...they want to.

And as reviewers are starting to sign up for ARC's (Advanced Reader Copies) and will be splashing their reviews all over the internet, I know that not everyone will like it.

Some are going to love Charlie.

Some are going to swoon over Nate.

Others are going to call Charlie a heartless bitch.

Others will say Nate is an idiot for continuing to fall for Charlie again and again.

Some will cheer Charlie and Nate being together.

Others might DNF.

Or call it predictable.

Or say it was amazing.

Or shrug and say it was good but not a book they'd reread.

To which I say: it's okay.

Those reviews can't change the book. The book is published. It's done. I can't go back and change Charlie's reaction or Nate's words. Those reviews aren't for me, they're for other readers. You see, at the end of the day, I am proud of the book I wrote. Quirks and all.

It's okay if you don't.

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