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It's Good to Blog Again

*blows dust off the keyboard*

*taps the mic*

Are we on? We are?



I'm Kelley, otherwise known as KD Proctor.

I had a blog a long while ago and well, it's been quiet and not really getting much traffic. Then again, the last time I blogged was December of 2014. So. Imagine that.

Anyway. I'm getting back into this writing thing and writing a blog about it. Though, I don't know many people who blog anymore. Remember how the mommy blog craze took off like wildfire back around 2006 or 2007?

Man. How times have changed.

So. What am I going to blog about?

The same stuff I blogged about before. Randomness. Life. How my husband would like a cookie and a small parade for taking out the trash once a week. And I thought I'd toss in here a little bit about this new adventure I'm on. Writing a book.

Crazy, I know.

I'm no expert and I'm figuring this crap out just like everyone else. But my goal is to make connections. Get to know you. Read books. Write books. Hopefully get you to like my books and say, "Hey, friend o' mine, you should read this book by KD Proctor because it's really awesome."

On my website (look at me sounding all official) you'll see what I'm planning to write. You can see how to contact me. And I might even share some of the chapter exerpts as allowed.

I'm glad you're here.


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