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Teaser Tuesday--Can You Really Fall in Love in Just 12 Weeks?

Oh geez.

My Google analytic data is going to be so outta whack with that title.

Shameless Plug...

Dear casual passer by: sorry to disappoint. I don't have any trade secrets to love and relationships. But if you love the idea of being in love, maybe you'll like my debut romance novel MEET ME UNDER THE STARS debuting in July? If so....scroll down and sign up for my newsletter.

(I have no shame in my newsletter peddling game)


Last week I teased the idea of how close people become after working at a summer camp for just 12 weeks (and sometimes, in less time than that...). Sticking with our theme, here are some of my favorite couple photos that I’ve had tucked away that remind me of Nate and Charlie…

Are those not adorable?

And a little bit swoony?

I like swoony.

FUN FACT #1: I've made some fun teasers using a few of these pics along with quotes from the book which I'll share once it goes up for pre-order on Amazon.

FUN FACT #2: One of these pictures may or may not be on the cover of my book. *squeeee*

Nate & Charlie at a Glance

They met and dated while working at Camp Pine Haven, a summer camp in the Rocky Mountains outside of Fort Collins. (FYI, Camp Pine Haven isn't a real camp. It's 100% fake)

Nate said, “I love you” first.

Charlie, being a celebrity, was cautioned to never say those 3 tiny words unless she knew for certain--because once that got out in public, there was no taking it back. So she wanted to wait to REALLY make sure.

They attempted long distance and it worked at first. Nate even visited Charlie in South Carolina where she was finishing her degree, and Charlie promised to come to Colorado for his fraternity’s fall formal.

But she didn’t, because something happened that scared the bejesus out of her--and instead of being mature about it, she cut him off cold turkey. Or as I call it: she ghosted him.

Nate was heart broken and felt the only way to get over her was to become a player. No relationships means your heart won’t get broken again.

Oh. If it were only that easy right?

Because it’s NEVER that easy when it comes to a second chance at love.

I've talked before about how I used my experience working at a summer camp to set the plot for this book. I mentioned that CP’s and beta readers struggled with the early drafts because it felt very unrealistic to become friends--much less lovers--in just 12 weeks.

My original reaction was, “Oh my God. Come on. That’s part of camp!”

That's when I realized I was in trouble.

Forget writing steamy sexy scenes.

Trying to explain the uniqueness and the magic of camp was going to be my undoing.

The only way I could explain it was to relate it to boot camp or a study abroad program where you’re forced together with a group of people in a close knit environment for weeks at a time. A close bond is formed.You get to know people on the most intimate of levels.Including things you wish you never, ever knew.

But here’s the cool thing: at the end of your summer, you have a bond that is a strong as rebar in concrete.

And that romantic love?

Yep it happens.

A lot.

The number of stories of people who met while working at camp and committed to long distance relationships until they graduated college would blow your mind. I can name 10 couples right now that have met, married, and are still married today all because they met in the dining hall during staff training.

For those outside of the camp circle, it is hard to imagine.

But it’s not uncommon.

Or odd.

Or any less romantic or true than the love you have for your partner.

I know what you're wondering: Did I ever date someone at camp?

The answer is no.

I had a personal rule..."Don't Date on the Lake." I saw a lot of heartbreak at camp. Staff, like Nate, who put their heart on the line only to have it crushed. I preferred to be everyone's big sister because to me, friendship was more important than a broken heart.

Next week I’m going to talk about why one of my favorite characters is someone you never actually meet!

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