My Stab at the Facebook Bucket List

April 25, 2016



Have you seen this going around Facebook lately?  A list of random items and you have to check off what you've done.  I would NOT call this a bucket list.  A bucket list are things you want to do.  This is more of a "life inventory" of sorts.  Kind of reminds me of those e-mail chains that went around 15 years ago with things like, "Ranch or Honey Mustard?"  "Leave a message or just hang up?" 


Anyway, I thought I'd take a stab at it here on the ol' blog.


And because I can't ever just put an "x", I'll give some background to my answers too.


Take that Facebook viral nonsense.  



  • Fired a Gun--YES.  My friend Wendy taught me at summer camp! 

  • Gone on a blind date--YES.  Let's not talk about that, shall we?

  • Set someone up on a blind date--YES. In college I was the Queen of set ups.  Some good.  Some terrible.  I apologize to those who had bad experiences

  • Tried online dating--YES.  That's how I met my husband!

  • Skipped school--YES--College only.  Never in high school.  Too much of a rule follower (still am)

  • Missed a high school reunion--YES.  I won't tell you which ones because I AM OLD.

  • Attended a high school reunion--YES.  I was on the planning committee for the last two.

  • Watched someone give birth--NO.  OH. HELL. NO.

  • Watched someone die--NO.  Thank goodness.

  • Witnessed a stroke--NO.  Geez, these last two questions were sort of a downer.  Who made this list?

  • Witnessed an embolism--NO.  What the hell?  Now, for sake of argument, I don't know how you'd actually witness an embolism?  It's (usually) a blood clot.  How do you witness that happening?

  • Participated in a protest--YES!  In 8th grade we protested having spring break taken away.  I not only got the annual trip to Valleyfair taken away as punishment, but a lot of the kids who protested didn't have to participate in that punishment.  TOTALLY UNFAIR.  (I'm not bitter or anything)

  • Lost a parent--NO.  But it's been a close call a time or two.

  • Performed the Heimlich maneuver on a choking person--NO.  But I'm glad I know how!

  • Performed the Heimlich maneuver on a choking pet--NO and I had no idea you could!  Look what I learned today!

  • Threw up on a plane--NO, but I've been near those who have.  *shudder*

  • Sang at a wedding--NO to singing, but I did play in a string quartet when a high school friend got married.  I BEGGED her not to have me play in the wedding.  She wouldn't budge.  I SUCK at playing the viola.  It's a crazy long story that I'll share one day but let me just say every time I see this friend I *still* want to apologize for how horrible I must have sounded. 

  • Sang at a funeral--MAYBE?  Do the hymns the congregation sing count?  

  • Visited Canada--YES!  I went to school an hour from the Canadian border.  And one of my college roommates was Canadian.  OF COURSE I'VE BEEN!  

  • Visited Hawaii--YES.  With an ex.  (no comment)

  • Visited Europe--YES.  In high school and again as an adult.  And I'd go back in a heartbeat!

  • Visited Las Vegas--YES.  True story...we almost got married in Las Vegas.  

  • Visited Seattle--YES!  Great city!

  • Visited Chicago--YES.  Was just there last week!

  • Visited Asia--NO.  Not sure I want to go, either.

  • Visited Africa--NO, but I'd consider it.  I've heard the immunizations are a bitch, though.

  • Visited Florida--YES.  Kennedy Space Center is a MUST SEE.  Worth every penny.  Disney?  Not so much.  Sorry, Disney fans.  

  • Visited Mexico--NO.  And I have no intention of going, either.

  • Visited Germany--NO and I don't know if it's a place I'd like to go?  

  • Visited Spain--NO and it's sort of in that same bucket as Germany...not sure I'd want to?

  • Visited Australia--NO BUT!!!  We are planning a trip there.  Probably winter 2017!!  For all the times my camp friends camped on my couch and said, "If you're ever in town you have a place to stay" this is payback.  

  • Swam in the Pacific Ocean--YES!

  • Swam in the Atlantic Ocean--YES!

  • Swam in the Gulf of Mexico--YES!  And saw a high school classmate get stung by a jellyfish!

  • Swam in the Caribbean--No

  • Swam in the Mediterranean--No

  • Seen the Grand Canyon in person--KINDA.  From an airplane, yes.  But standing on the edge of it?  No.  In fact, in college I was in Arizona for a conference and the day after the conference ended there was a trip to the Grand Canyon.  I ducked out of the trip to spend the day with a childhood friend.  And if I could turn back the clock and do that day over?  I'd pick my friend over the Grand Canyon. 

  • Seen Niagara Falls in person--YES!  Did all the touristy stuff from the Cave of the Winds to the Maid of the Mist boat ride right into the falls.  SO AMAZING!

  • Seen Lake Superior in person--YES.  I live in Minnesota.  Sorta part of the package deal, you know?

  • Flown in a helicopter--No.  And for graduating from a school with one of the best aviation schools in the country, how did this not happen?  Small airplanes I've flown in all the time with my friends, but not a helicopter.  


INTERMISSION:  Holy crap this list is giant!  Who in the hell has time to make up these questions?  Let alone answer them.


Oh. Wait.


Alright...moving on....

  • Served on a jury--NO, but I have gotten called up for jury duty--just not picked. 

  • Served in the military--NO.  But here is a fun facts:  My 7x's great grandfather served in the Revolutionary War, and my 5x's great grandfather served in the Civil War--including trying to rescue his brother who was taken prisoner.  How's that for some great family military history?  Also, my parents met in the Army and then I came along.  I don't claim to be an Army brat, but I was born on an Army base.

  • Visited L.A.--NO.  I've been California, but San Francisco and up north near Sacramento. 

  • Been to New York City--YES. Walked around the city in the pouring rain.  Also tried to go up into the World Trade Center, but it was too foggy.

  • Cried yourself to sleep--YES. 

  • Recently colored with pencils--YES.  Adult coloring books are awesome. 

  • Sang karaoke--YES.  And you haven't sung karaoke unless you've done it with a live band at Gluek's Bar in Minneapolis.  Shout out to my friend Jake who tried to sing Jesse's Girl and only knew the chorus.  But he belted the hell out of that chorus!

  • Paid for a meal with coins only--YES.  Hasn't every college student done this at least once?

  • Made prank phone calls--YES.  I am the Queen of practical jokes.  

  • Laughed so much you cried--YES.  And if you haven't you aren't human.

  • Caught Snowflake's on tongue--YES.  This suddenly feels like I'm filling out a character inventory for plotting a book.  

  • Danced in the rain--YES.  See question above.

  • Had children--NO. 

  • Had a pet--YES.  

  • Been skinny dipping--NO.  Seriously I haven't.  

  • Abseiled down a building/cliff--YES!  I had to look up "abseiled" and it's repelling and I've done that!  It is freakin' awesome!!

  • Been downhill skiing--YES and it was the worst experience ever.

  • Been water skiing--NO because see question above. 

  • Been camping in a tent--YES.  I worked at a summer camp.  I can put together a tent in record time. 

  • Driven a motorcycle--NO.  

  • Jumped out of a plane--NO.

  • Gone to a drive-in movie--YES!  Such a bummer that you can't really find a drive in anymore.  

  • Done something that could have killed you--YES.  More times than I can count.

  • Done something that you will regret for the rest of your life--YES and we won't put it here.  Nor will I share it if you ask me.  

  • Rode an elephant--NO.  

  • Rode a camel--NO

  • Eaten just cookies, cake or ice cream for dinner.  YES and I would do it again.

  • Been on TV--YES!  If you're a good super sleuth you can find me on Netflix.  (True story!)

  • Been in newspapers--YES.  See "protested something" question above. (plus many others)

  • Stolen any traffic signs--NO.  But my dad did.  And that's how he ended up in the Army.  It was either enlist or go to jail.  Also, the day he left for Basic Training, he had a photo taken with the little old ladies from the USO who gave him and the other recruits a box of essentials (like razors and cigarettes and stuff)...he had his hands in his pockets and flipped off the camera man.  They had to airbrush it out.  Needless to say, the Army did the trick and straightened him out.  ha!

  • Been in a car accident--YES.  

  • Stayed in Hospital--NO 

  • Donated blood--YES, but I can't anymore because after 9-11 when everyone and their brother donated blood, they tested so many samples that they cross contaminated and sent me a letter telling me I didn't test positive, but I didn't test negative for hepatitis.  As a result, I'm on the "black list" for blood donation and regardless of what I've done I can't get off it.  So...

  • Payed a fine in the past 12 months--NO

  • Been arrested--TECHNICALLY, NO.  But.  I was detained when I was in college for underage drinking.  I was cited with a Minor in Possession, had to go to court, and thankfully because of unlawful search practices, it was thrown out.  

  • Lost control of a vehicle--YES during drivers ed!  ha!

  • Gotten a piercing--YES (ears only)

  • Gotten a Tattoo--YES.  I have two. 

  • Driven a standard car--YES!  I learned on a crappy old VW beetle.  

  • Ever owned your dream car--NO.  I don't even have a dream car.

  • Been Married--YES! 

  • Been divorced--NO, nor do I intend to be.

  • Fell in love--YES.

  • Paid for a strangers meal--YES!  I do this pretty regularly, actually.

  • Driven over 100mph--NO...not that I can recall anyway?  I have a lead foot but I don't think I've ever gone THAT fast.  

  • Changed a tire on the side of a highway--No, not me personally.  But we did get a flat tire this summer when we were in Montana on the side of a very narrow, rugged mountain road.  Now THAT is a story!  

  • Worked in a pub--NO.  

  • Been scuba diving--NO but I have friends who do and it looks AWESOME.

  • Found a dead body--NO!  And I hope to hell I never do!

  • Lived on your own--YES and I recommend it highly to anyone who can afford to do so.  

  • Swam with the Dolphins--NO but I want to so badly!!  THIS is a true bucket list item...

  • Parasailing--NO and after watching some Dateline/investigation story on it, I don't know if I will. 

  • Snorkeling--YES!  I actually learned how to do that in high school gym class (it's true!)

  • Flown over Volcanoes--YES and I've actually been seen them up close in Hawaii

  • Flown in a plane that took-off and landed on water--NO.

  • Visited Alaska--NO, though my husband's aunt and uncle live there.

  • Visited the Bahamas--NO and I don't know if I want to?

  • Visited Mount Rushmore--YES!  Oh my have to do this if you haven't already.  So awesome.

  • Visited Yellowstone--NO

  • Visited the summit of Pike's Peak--NO (goes to Google to look up Pikes Peak to confirm.  Nope, I haven't....)

  • Visited the top of the World Trade Center Pre 9/11--NO, but almost (see Visited New York above)

  • Visited the Statue of Liberty--NO.  Too rainy when we were there.

  • Visited Washington DC--YES and to be honest?  Not what I thought it would be.  Just...meh.  

  • Seen Prince perform live--NO AND I WISH I HAD.  *sigh*  That man was incredible and he'll be missed.

  • Seen Bob Dylan perform live--NO, and no offense to him,  

  • Seen Garth Brooks perform live--NO and I wish I had!  Garth is awesome!

  • Seen Bruce Springsteen perform live--NO. 

  • Seen Dave Matthews Band perform live--NO.  Okay.  Seriously?  Where are the bands I like?  I got the short end of the stick on this one.  

  • Seen Paul Simon perform live--NO, but my husband has!

  • Seen Phish perform live--I'm sorry...but...WHO?

  • Been to the Metrodome--YES! 


Sidenote:  Someone from Minnesota must have made up this list with the references to Prince, Dylan and the Metrodome.  Which makes sense as to why I'm seeing this all over my Facebook feed.  ha!


Okay.  On we go...


  • Seen an NFL game in person--YES.  In the Metrodome!  ha!  (and in Detroit.  Was one of a few Vikings fans in the stands.  I do not advise doing this.  I was just a bit scared.  And by a bit I mean A LOT.)

  • Seen a MLB game in person--YES.  In the Metrodome--go figure. 

  • Seen an NBA game in person--YES.  No.  Not in the Metrodome.  At Target Center.

  • Met a celebrity--YES!  I've got pictures with Diane Keaton to prove it!

  • Been to Disney World--YES.  *shrug*

  • Been to Disney Land--NO...and I'm okay with that.

  • Seen a Lunar eclipse--YES

  • Seen a Solar eclipse--YES

  • Seen a meteor shower--YES.  So amazing.

  • Seen the Northern Lights--YES!  But I'd LOVE to go back to Iceland and see them there.  I've seen some pretty awesome displays up at camp, but Iceland is where it's at.

  • Ridden a bull--NO and NO THANK YOU.

  • Heard a sonic boom--YES.

  • Seen a funnel cloud--YES!  I live right on the edge of tornado alley...of course I have.

  • Seen a tornado--YES.  While at camp.  

  • Been in an earthquake--YES.  Not a big one, but enough to rattle the dishes and that was enough for me!

  • Witnessed a tsunami in person--NO....THANK GOD!

  • Shot an animal--NO and I don't know if I could.

  • Caught a fish--YES

  • Cleaned a fish--NO.  I can't even take the fish off the hook much less clean it!

  • Started a fire--YES.  And I'll challenge anyone to a one-match-fire competition.  I'd win every time.  

  • Witnessed a crime--MAYBE?  I'm sure I have but I don't remember it?

  • Worked for tips--NO

  • Owned a rental property--NO and after seeing friends who have?  NO THANKS.

  • Owned a home--YES and I'm never, ever moving again.

  • Paid off a car--YES and in a few months, we'll have another paid off.  SUCH a nice feeling.

  • Slept in a car--YES.

  • Paid off credit cards--YES.  Another great feeling when that happens!

  • Won a drawing--YES!  That's fun, too!

  • Been to a Daddy Daughter dance--NO, not even as a kid!

  • Been a Best Man in a wedding--NO, but I"ve been a bridesmaid.  (Clearly a dude wrote this list...)

  • Been a pall bearer at a funeral--NO

  • Made s'mores for kids--YES. I  worked at a camp...kinda comes with the territory.  And for the record...s'mores are the most disgusting thing.  Marshmallow?  ICK.


Geez...that was a long ass list.  If you're still reading this, kudos to you!


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