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Friday Favs: Water Color Lettering

I have never been happier to see Friday. After being gone to a conference last weekend, I am looking forward to my usual weekend routine!


Last week in Chicago I had dinner with my sweet friend Liz who is the most amazingly talented artist. She's a freelancer and specializes in watercolor. So I've been looking at ideas on Pinterest because I want her to create a logo for my business cards and stuff.

Don't you just love that technical term: stuff.

Liz told me, "Make a Pinterest board, hide it, and add me to it so I can see what you like."

Play on Pinterest?

Searching for cool stuff?

Don't mind if I do...

As a result I've fallen down the Pinterest rabbit hole looking at colors, letters, overall ideas, and so on.

I think I might have a watercolor graphics addiction.

How freaking adorable are these?

I'll just be over here, looking and pinning and making notes on what I love so Liz can make me something super awesome.

In the meantime, you should check her out:

Enjoy the weekend, peeps!

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