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I'm Getting an ISBN Number...

If you're familiar with books, you know that every book that has been published has an ISBN number. ISBN = International Standard Book Number. Flip over a book on your shelf and you'll see it. Usually right over the barcode. If not, look at the first few pages with the copyright information.


In order to get that number, you have to have a published book.




My book is being published!

I know!

I know!


I can't believe it either.

In late spring/early summer of 2017 my novel, If You're Ever in Town will be published by BookFish Books. Here on the ol' blog I plan to share the process with you and what goes into that. I did not enter into this lightly, taking my time to research this process to make sure it was the right fit.

And while I may have given myself an ulcer thinking about it, I can say that I feel comfortable and confident in my decision.

So, do me a favor--come follow me on social media. Say hi. Let's connect. And I promise, I will not spam you with my book stuff. I'm still a girl, living in West Central, Minnesota with my husband, dog, a cat that hates the dog and navigating the world around me.



It's going to be an awesome ride!

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