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On my Bookshelf: My Perfect Mistake

When I read Kelly's first novel, Chasing Crazy, I saw a lot of my 19-year-old self in the female main character. This is why I love New Adult and Contemporary Romance novels. I like identifying with the characters, making it easy to understand why they do the things they do.

How in the world it happened again I have no idea because while I can't ski, or decorate worth anything, and as a late 20-something I couldn't just hook up with a guy....I can admit freely that I, too, had an ex who was The Dick to a "t".

And like Shay, I...

  • Left the guy and moved out on my own for the first time.

  • I had to scrimp and save everything I could just to make the rent, all while playing the 'what if's' in my head

  • And for years (yes. YEARS) after it ended, I still struggled with the mental games he put me through.

What I have loved about My Perfect Mistake is the fact that she is writing real situations. Yes, romance novels have a lot of the same tropes that have us coming back for more (that's what makes them so good). The enemies to lovers trope is done so well I found my own heart raced as they argued, just liked I was in the room with them. I found myself swooning over their connection. I appreciated how the push/pull between them wasn't cliche, making the connection to the characters realistic.

And that's what I want in my books. Realistic characters. Realistic conversations. Realistic drama. I know romance novels will have somewhat of a typical pattern--push, pull, fall ass over elbows, have a big blowup/misunderstanding that tears them apart, and then we sail into the happily ever after. But when there is a typical pattern of a romance novel, it means authors need to find ways to make that typical 'stuff' worth reading again and again.

Kelly's story flowed together so seamlessly and easily that rooting for these characters was easy and heartwarming.

Recommend or pass: Totally recommend. Click the image above to be taken to Amazon and one-click that sucker! You won't be sorry!

Kelly Siskind...I heart you.

I can't wait for book 2!

Disclaimer: Reviews that I publish are from books that I purchase at full price (unless otherwise noted or provided for free as an ARC). As always, reviews are based on my experience and opinion.

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