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Perfectly Fake
(Book #2 in the Camp Pine Haven series)

When her sister's wedding venue closes without warning, Maid of Honor Melanie Hopkins is on a mission to find her a bigger and better place.  With a wedding budget ballooning out of control, Melanie calls in a favor to Camp Pine Haven--where she spent three summers as a camp counselor.  In exchange for some sweat equity, they can use the camp at the end of the season.  To celebrate, Melanie throws a mini-coed bachelor party the Flying Dutchman, the local divebar where camp staff spend their evenings off.  Only Melanie never expects to have her world flipped on it's axis by kissing--and sleeping with--a hot guy she just met playing bar trivia.

Grant "Dobbs" Dobbson never expected to spend a night with the woman who beat his ass at bar trivia.  Perhaps it was because she didn't know who he was--an NHL hockey player who is hiding in plain sight while avoiding the press in an effort to clean up his party boy image.  Working as a grounds keeper at Camp Pine Haven has proven to be a perfect hide away.  If he can just make it through the summer by keeping his toes in line, maybe the NHL will finally sign his contract.

When Melanie shows up at camp two weeks later and bumps into the bar hookup she can't seem to forget, staying focused as a camp volunteer is proving harder by the minute.  Not to mention her family is now on a mission to find her a date as her plus one.  


Seven months later, when the wedding venue closes without warning, Melanie pulls some strings with Camp Pine Haven--where she spent three summers as a camp counselor.  


As a flight nurse and flight attendant, Dobbs and Melanie’s paths cross often.  When Melanie's sister witnesses their flirtatious chemistry first hand, she assumes Dobbs is the mystery fiancé. Realizing Dobbs could save her career, she begs him to be her fill in fiancé for the holidays.  Looking for an excuse to delay his trip home, Dobbs agrees on one condition:  he'll be her fake fiancé if she attends the jersey retirement. 


In their few days together, Dobbs and Melanie open up to each other, lighting a spark both have been missing.  When they cross a line they swore they’d never breach, they question if it's better to carry your own suitcase full of craziness, or hand it to someone else who might end up getting hurt worse than they already are.

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